Latin 101

PIP - 3rd & 4th Conjugation


1. Find the stem:

2. add endings:

or mur
eris minï
tur [u]ntur




nb: the 2s form is "e" not "i" for 3rd conjugations and 3rd i-stems. For the 4th conjugation, it will follow the paradigm [ïris].



  tangö, tangere, tetigï, täctum sciö, scïre, scïvï, scïtum rapiö, rapere, rapuï, raptum
1S tangor scior rapior
2S tangeris scïris raperis
3S tangitur scïtur rapitur
1P tangimur scïmur rapimur
2P tangiminï scïminï rapiminï
3P tanguntur sciuntur rapiuntur


4 conjugation verbs [e.g., sciö] form their passive infinitives by changing the last letter of the 2nd principal part [the present active infinive] to "ï" -> scïre -> scïrï

3rd and 3rd i-stems had to be different. They drop the "ere" of the infinitive" and add "ï"

tangere -> tangï ....... rapere -> rapï

Shall we drill the PIP? [That's a rhetorical question.]

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