Latin 101

Chapter 20 - Practice Sheet 2(verbs)

Answer Key

1 sing pres ind act - to be without careö 2 sing fut ind act - to ward off dëfendës
3 sing imperf ind act - to go away, depart discëdëbat 1 plur perf ind act - to hate (*defective verb perf form -> pres meaning) ödï
2 plur pluperf ind act - to keep (back); prevent prohibuerätis 3 plur fut perf ind act - to proclaim prönüntiäverint
1 sing pres ind pass - to procaim prönüntior 2 sing fut ind pass- to be without carëberis
3 sing imperf ind pass - to keep (back); prevent prohibëbätur 1 plur perf ind pass - to ward off sumus dëfënsï/ae/aw
2 plur pluperf ind pass - to announce eratis prönüntiätï/ae/a 1 plur fut perf ind pass - to keep (back); prevent erimus prohibitï/ae/a
2 sing pres imper act - ward off defënde 2 plur pres imper act - to keep (back); prevent prohibëte
principal parts - to be without careö, carëre, caruï,


principal parts - to go away discëdö, discëdere, discessï, discessum
principal parts - to hate ödï, ödisse, ösürum principal parts - to proclaim prönüntiö, prönüntiäre, prönüntiävï, prönüntiätum
principal parts - to ward off dëfendö, defendere, dëfënsï, dëfënsum principal parts - to keep (back), prevent prohibeö, prohibëre, porhibuï, prohibitum

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