Chapter 18
Mock Quiz

Provide the requested forms:

1. Acc. Sing. of the words that mean "famous river:" clärum flümen

2. Dat. Sing. of the words that mean "mortal enemy (of the state):" mortälï hostï cïvitätis

3. Gen. Plur. of the words that mean "immortal honesty": immortälium probitätum

4. 2 p perf pass indic of the the verb that means "to mix": estis mixtï

5. 3 s imperf. pass indic the verb that mean "to pick out, choose; read" legëbätur


Parse and translate the following Latin words: for nouns give gender number case for verbs give number, person, tense. if the form is indeclinable, write "n/a" and identify what part of speech it is

1. cür: n/a; adverb; "why"

2. lüdï: NMP/VMP or GMS of lüdus, ï, m.; "game, school"

3. deinde: n/a; adv; "then, next"

4. mövërunt: 3 P perf indicative active of moveö, movëre, mövï, mötum

5. cräs: n/a; adv; tomorrow

translate the following sentences:

1. Cicerö quï amïcus omnibus Römänörum est visus esse, hostis Catilinae erat.

Cicero, who seemed to be a friend to all of the Romans, was an enemy to [of] Catiline.

2. Caesar feared the serious danger, but was moved by the honesty of his enemy.

Caesar grave periculum timuit, sed probitäte suï hostis est motus.

3. What kind of clear river seems to flow through the city to the sea.

Quid genus clärï flüminis per urbem ad mare fluere vidëtur?

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