Latin 101

3rd Declension Adjectives

Just as nouns of the first and second declension supply the endings for adjectives like bonus, a, um, 3rd declension nouns supply the endings for 3rd declension adjectives.

There are three types of 3rd declension adjectives: adjs of 3, 2 and 1 terminations.

Adjectives of three terminations (e.g. äcer, äcris, äcre) have separate endings (in the nominative) for each gender.

Adjectives of two terminations (e.g., fortis, forte) uses one set of endings for both masc and fem nouns and the second set of endings for neuter nouns.

Finally, adjectives of 1 termination (e.g. potëns, potentis) uses the same set of endings for nouns of all genders. Note, the dictionary/vocabulary entries for adjectives of 1 termination will show two forms (e.g. potëns, potentis). The second form, however, is clearly a genitive and will be easily distinguishable from adjectives of two terminations (e.g., fortis, forte), where the second form is clearly not a genitive.

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