Chapter 14 (a)
Mock Quiz

Noun - Adjective:

Parse (case, gender and number) and translate (in the nominative) the words below
Noun (English)


gender, number, case

(E.G.: girl F Acc S puellam
animal N Nom (Acc/Voc) P animälia
art, skill F Abl S arte
ear F Dat P auribus
citizen M/F Acc S cïvem
law N, Nom, P iüra
sea N, Abl, S marï
city F, Gen, P urbium
example N, Gen, S exempläris
strength F, Gen, P vïrium


Please provide the principal parts of the verb that means:

1. to run, rush, move quickly

currö, currere, cucurrï, cursum

2. to speak to, address(as), call, name

appellö, appelläre, appellävï, appellätum

3. to avoid, shun

vïtö, täre, tävï, tätum

Please translate the following sentences:

1. Parvane pars animälium iüra vï et arte Casaris ipsïus vïtäverit.
Will a small part of the animals have avoided the laws of Caesar himself by means of force and art.

Explain the syntax of the words: vï et arte: ablative of means or instrument

2. The foolish man alters the face of an animal with skill.
Stultus cum arte ös animälis mütat.

Explain the syntax of the words: with skill: ablative of manner

3. Neuter cïvis aqüas marium nec nullam partem nübium in suö öre tenuit.
Neither citizen held the waters of the sea nor any part of the clouds in his own mouth.

Explain the syntax of the words: in suö öre: öre is n, abl, s of ös, öris, object of in; prep which takes the ablative


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