Chapter 13

Reflexive Possessives

Just as the reflexive pronouns and personal pronouns are identical in the 1st and 2nd person, so too, the reflexive possessive and possessive pronouns are identical.

Mine [personal possessive] - meus, a, um

my own [reflexive posssessive] meus, a, um


Your (sing) [personal possessive] tuus, a, um

your own [reflexive possessive] tuus, a, um


Our (1st plural) [personal possessive] - noster, nostra, nostrum

our own [reflexive possessive ] noster, nostra, nostrum


Your (plural) [personal possessive] - vester, vestra, vestrum

our own [reflexive possessive ] vester, vestra, vestrum


His/Her/Their [personal possession ] use genitive of is, ea, id to indicate possession by a person other than the subject

sing: eius

plural: eörum/eärum/eörum

e.g.: She gave his money to you. - Ea tibi pecüniam eius dëdit.


His/Her own(sing) [reflexive possessive] suus, a, um

NB: you can only use suus, a, um to indicate possession when the subject of the sentence is referring

e.g.: She gave her own money to you. - Ea tibi suam pecüniam dëdit.


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