Chapter 13

Intensive Pronouns

Ipse, Ipsa, Ipsum uses a declension much like Ille, illa, illud:

  Singular Plural
Nom ipse, ipsa, ipsum ipsï, ipsae, ipsa
Gen ipsïus, ipsïus, ipsïus ipsörum, ipsärum, ipsörum
Dat ipsï, ipsï, ipsï ipsïs, ipsïs, ipsïs
Acc ipsum, ipsam, ipsum ipsös, ipsäs, ipsa
Abl ipsö, ipsä, ipsö ipsïs, ipsïs, ipsïs

The Romans used "ipse" when they wanted to be emphatic - the equivalent of bold facing or raising one's voice. In English we have a similar word, "-self." Note - this is the same word we use for reflexives. This may confuse you in English, but the Latin will always be clear because - well, because Latin is better.


Cicerö ipse ladävit më. - Parse "ipse." Explain its syntax.

Cicerö laudävit më ipsum. - Parse "ipsum" Explain its syntax.







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