4th Conjugation and 3rd Conjugation -io verbs: Future and Imperfect

The Imperfect of the 4th Conjugation is formed just like the Future: it contains the short "i" and "ë". The only difference is the addition of the "bä" before the ending, as in the first 3 Conjugations.
E.g. audïre - audï/re = audi (shortened "i") plus ë plus plus s = audiëbäs

4th Conjugation - Imperfect:

audiëbam - audiëbämus
audiëbäs - audiëbätis
audiëbat - audiëbant

The Imperfect of the 3rd Conjugation -io verbs is also formed just like the Future with the addition of the "bä" before the endings.

E.g. capere - cap/ere = capi (add short "i") plus ë plus plus s = capiëbas

3rd Conjugation -io verbs - Imperfect:

capiëbam - capiëbämus
capiëbäs - capiëbätis
capiëbat - capiëbant

Future and Imperfect Drill