4th Conjugation and 3rd Conjugation -io verbs: Future and Imperfect

The Future in the 4th Conjugation is formed similarly to the 3rd Conjuagtion regular verbs. Just remember to shorten the "ï" in the present stem of the 4th Conjugation verbs and add the ë, which in both the 3rd and 4th Conjugation marks the verb as in the Future Tense.
E.g. audïre - audï/re = audi (shortened"i") plus ë plus s = audiës

Nöta bene: Don't forget the unusual ending in the 1st sing, and the shortened "e" in the 3rd sing and plural!

4th Conjugation Future Tense:
audiam - audiëmus
audiës - audiëtis
audiet - audient

The 3rd Conjugation -io verbs follow the same pattern - just make sure to add in the short "i".

E.g. capere - cap/ere = cap (minus short e in present stem) plus i plus ë plus s = capiës

3rd Conjugation -io verbs - Future Tense:

capiam - capiëmus
capiës - capiëtis
capiet - capient


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