Chapter 1: Introduction to Latin Verbs

Verb characteristics

  1. Person - 1st, 2and or 3rd (I, you, he/she/it, etc.)
  2. Number - singular or plural ("I" vs. "We")
  3. Tense - present, future, perfect, imperfect, pluperfect, future perfect
  4. Mood
    • indicative - states a simple fact or question
    • subjunctive - used when the factual certainty of an assertion is not clear; e.g. conditions; no one simple translation (would, should, might are often used) - you'll learn 'em as we go.
    • imperative - states a command
    • infinitive
      • complementary infinitive: "I wish to go to the store."
      • verbal noun: "To err is human."
  5. Voice
    • active: Casey eats the bone.
    • passive: The bone is eaten by Casey.

Right now we'll concentrate on the present, indicative, active (plus imperative and infintive).

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