Core Mission and a Vision for Bates


Core Mission
To provide, as an independent, coeducational, and residentially-based undergraduate college of national distinction, an education in the liberal arts and sciences that is valued for its exceptional quality and its transforming character.

  • Bates will be understood and valued as a learning community of distinction and excellence -- providing leadership as one of the nation's finest undergraduate colleges.

  • Bates will emphasize academic rigor and achievement, an active faculty of teacher/scholars, superb programs, high expectations of those who participate, the centrality of individual responsibility for learning, and the dignity and value of difference.

  • Bates will strengthen and build on its persisting ethos and culture of engagement, as it encourages actions that will further civility, trust, responsibility and service.

  • The College will develop the connections and integrating cohesion that give flexibility and vitality to the educational opportunities that it provides -- local, global, academic, cocurricular, and life enduring.

  • Bates will be organized as a flexible, principled residential community, valuing individuals and their interactions while celebrating their common purpose and the connections of the College community to the local area and to the world beyond.

See the diagram of the interdependencies of the "Vision for Bates"

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