Table of Contents

  1. Part I

    1. Introduction

    2. Bates and the Future

    3. Bates's Core Strengths

    4. The Vision for Bates and Its Basic Themes

    5. Where Will This Vision Lead Bates?

  2. Part II

    1. The Vision's Basic Themes
      1. Theme One
      2. Theme Two
      3. Theme Three
      4. Theme Four
      5. Theme Five
      6. Theme Six

  3. Part III

    1. Possible Action Steps toward the Vision of Bates
      1. Forging greater connections among our teaching, learning, and scholarship....
      2. Having Students become full parters in the community....
      3. Multiple ways of learning and meeting individual student needs....
      4. Including among the connections of student experiences to the world beyond Bates....
      5. Financial planning, physical plant projects, and affordability....
      6. Valuing change and developing collaborative efforts and the means to evaluate success....

    2. A Report to the Bates College Community from the Goals 2005 Committee

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