The following committees have web pages pertaining to their committee or their work. Some of the pages were created by members of the committee, others were created by the Office of College Relations.

Proposals from the Ad Hoc Calendar Committee
Three proposals for changing the academic calendar and two proposals for changing the weekly class schedule grid.

Information Services Advisory Committee
Committee established to provide advice to the Information Services Management Team about the information services needs and priorities of the Bates community.

Information Resources Strategic Plan
A Strategic Plan for Information Technology and Library Services, submitted by the ad hoc Information Services and Library Strategic Planning Committee.

Teaching Development Committee
A committee charged with providing resources and opportunities to faculty to help them work on improving teaching and to provide a safe environment for "junior" faculty members to comment on matters concerning teaching.

Bates 2000 NEASC reaccreditation self-study
Documents pertaining to Bates's institutional self-study in preparation for periodic reaccreditation by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Goals 2005 Documents
The report of the Goals 2005 committee concerning the College's vision for its future.

Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Communication
Committee established to recommend solutions to the distribution of information to the Bates community.

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